Dieting On Vacation…DON’T

The thought of going on vacation can stress some out. It can make people fear that all of their progress is going to be thrown out the window. I'm here to tell you, that's not the case. Consistency is key in a successful lifestyle change. One week of vacation won't derail your months or years … Continue reading Dieting On Vacation…DON’T

Travel Diaries: Key West Part II

I went back to beautiful Key West on a day trip this past Saturday with my fiancee. All I can say is I had a totally different experience than the first time for two reasons: It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sun was shining, not too hot, and just beautiful. Since last week when I … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Key West Part II

Why Lady Gaga’s Message Matters

As millions of viewers watched the Superbowl last Sunday, many paid more attention to Lady Gaga's belly during the halftime performance, rather than her undeniable talent. Lady Gaga to many women is a powerhouse. She's talented, unique, unapologetically herself and a kind-hearted celebrity. Watching her halftime performance, I was amazed at her talent. It's something … Continue reading Why Lady Gaga’s Message Matters