Hi ya’ll and welcome to my blog.

I’m 23, a newlywed, student, and fitness enthusiast all rolled into one. Almost two years ago my now husband and I packed up and relocated to beautiful Palm Beach County.  I can accredit this giant leap of faith to finding myself, and I hope you find your true passions in life as well.

I’m a communications student obsessed with pop-culture, the media, and the impact of social media. I’m also a fitness lover, moving to PBC opened my eyes to a new level of fitness, health, and well-being. I’m also more than that. I’m a coffee addict, a lover of books, a dog mama, a sister, daughter and my greatest role so far, a wife.

I started my blog based on fitness, but I realized I am so much more than that.

Thanks for following along while i pursue my dreams and evolve from a northern-big city girl, to a southern beach blonde and figuring out how to have the best of both worlds.