Virgin Mojito Popsicle

I was craving a coconut popsicle badly this weekend, but didn’t want all the added sugar that comes along with it. I decided to pop into the kitchen store and lucky for me, they had popsicle molds on sale. I decided to whip up these virgin mojito icies as a refreshing after dinner or post-workout snack. The coconut water is great for giving you electrolytes after a workout!

The macros per popsicle are: 23 calories // 6 Carbs // 0 Fat // 0 Protein // 2.7 Sugars

Now, the sugars will vary depending on what brand of coconut water you use. I used 365 brand 100% coconut water. It has no added sugars like most store brand coconut waters do.

I’ll be having more popsicle recipes coming soon! I already have a few recipes up my sleeve.

Virgin Mojito Ice Pop


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