You Can’t Out-train A Bad Diet

This needs to be said.

A lot of people ask me “what did you do, you look amazing?” I get asked for workouts, not diet advice- THIS IS THE ISSUE. I believe many people want a quick fix, which is where the hype for skinny tea and shakes come into play. Here’s the flaw, they don’t teach you how to maintain a proper diet. People start these shakes and then eat whatever else they want, whether it be cheesesteaks or cheese fries. I see this A LOT on social media so I felt the need to address it.

For me, I didn’t understand just how many calories were in my favorite foods until I actually started tracking my food. For instance, my favorite meal from Cracker Barrel was well over 1,000 calories. A cheesesteak (one of my favorites) is close to 900 or higher.A latte at starbucks can easily put you at 400 calories. If you are truly trying to embark on a healthier you, you need to start with what you fuel your body with.

There’s a few sayings that ring true.

  • “Abs are made in the kitchen”- true
  • “It’s 20% exercise, 80% nutrition”- true

Now, I do track macros and a lot of people who follow an IIFYM lifestyle say “eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macros.” While that may be true, I don’t follow that mindset. I fill my macros 95% of the time with whole, CLEAN foods. Lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, veggies and fruits, anything that once had a life or came from the earth. I try not to eat many packaged items but there’s some I like to snack on. By doing this, my skin cleared up dramatically, my constant bloat and stomach issues began to subside, I dropped weight, and felt overall better.

This also helps show off my hard work in the gym. Eating clean foods and nourishing my body allows the abs I worked so hard for to show, it allows me to not just be “skinny” but strong. It helps be build a body that i’m proud of. YOU CANNOT EXPECT THE GYM TO DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.

Your body isn’t going to change overnight. You can’t go to the gym one day a week and then eat crap and expect results. Do I ever eat something not so great for me? Sure I do, but it is now an on occassion basis. I even still eat some of my favorite foods, but I slim the recipe down, cook it at home, and make it a meal that I feel confident feeding my body.

I can honestly say, I barely even crave greasy junk foods anymore. If I crave one, I fit it into my macros at some point in the week and enjoy it, but, I find myself craving clean foods far more than junk foods.

Respect your body, that includes respecting it enough to think of what you’re feeding it.


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