Low Impact Leg Workout

Since I injured my knee and hamstring a month and a half ago, I have recently gotten back into strengthening my knee. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I use to have a pretty vigorous leg day workout but since that’s out of the question for now, I created a low impact leg workout to regain strength in my muscles and still build that booty!


This routine only requires a resistance band and body weight.

My Low Impact Leg Workout

Straight leg raise laying on back- 3×10 each leg

Calf raises-3×10

TRX squat-3×15 (if you don’t go to a gym that has a TRX, just body weight or weights to squat with. For me, i’m trying to focus on form and I feel like the TRX keeps my squat form on 100)

Resistance band squat walks- 3×10 left, 3×10 right

Resistance band bridge- 3×12

Supermans- 3×12 (lay on belly, lift legs and arms off the ground. Squeeze your booty on this!!)

Kickbacks with resistance band- 3×10

Ball squeezes- 3×10- (put ball in between knees laying on back and squeeze for 10 seconds, release, repeat.)

Clams with resistance band-3×10 each side

Standing leg extension with resistance band- 3×10 each side

Leg scissors with resistance band- 3×12

Lying leg lift on side w/ resistance band- 3×12 each side


If you end up trying this out, let me know how you like it! Again, this is how many reps and sets I do because I am rebuilding my muscles. If you can go harder, go for it!

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