Why Lady Gaga’s Message Matters

As millions of viewers watched the Superbowl last Sunday, many paid more attention to Lady Gaga’s belly during the halftime performance, rather than her undeniable talent. Lady Gaga to many women is a powerhouse. She’s talented, unique, unapologetically herself and a kind-hearted celebrity.

Watching her halftime performance, I was amazed at her talent. It’s something you don’t see much of anymore. I noticed as I was scrolling through Twitter and Facebook that many people were pointing out her stomach “rolls.” Men and women alike were bashing the singer’s body. I call this insecurity. You attack another out of your own insecurity. It can make you bitter, always remember that.

Lady Gaga made a statement a few days later talking about how she was PROUD of her body. And guess what? She should be. You should also be proud of her body. Let me tell you why…

Too many instagram stars and celebrities share photos daily of their perfectly toned tummies. They’re flexed, they’re lean, and they look amazing. This sadly isn’t realistic. Everyone has rolls when they sit down, everyone gets bloated, everyone has a trouble spot on their body. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Lady Gaga stood up for her body for what it is and that is something we should admire.

We should aspire to love ourselves the way we are, we should want to work to make ourselves healthier and stronger- not to be “skinny.” We shouldn’t compare ourselves to these picture perfect people we see plastered all over the internet. We shouldn’t be constantly comparing our bodies to someone else.

Her message is important for women young and old. We should all be practicing self-love. We should look at what Lady Gaga did that night and admire a REAL woman, flaws and all, doing what she loves and being happy doing it.

I know I have to remind myself to be patient with my body, working towards a goal takes time. It sometimes blinds you of where you are at the moment. Don’t wait until you reach your goal to love your body, love your body in every form for every step of your journey. Build each other help, help each other. The world is harsh enough, don’t be so harsh on yourself.

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