My Top Travel Tips


For most, travel is a daunting thought. Between going through the dreaded security lines and stressing over what food choices will help you stick to your goals, it can be extremely stressful. For me, travel is a big component in my life. I fly or drive from Philadelphia to Florida every few months. Doing so, i’ve learned the tips and tricks to help you stay sane and feel great too.

My Top Fit Tips for Travel


I can’t explain enough how crucial hydration is. Water is amazing for our bodies. When in flight, we tend to bloat and hold onto that extra water retention. To combat the bloat, drink up! I like to purchase a big water bottle once i’m past security and down a few before I head to the airport.

Another great option besides water is tea. Hot tea can be relaxing if your an anxious flyer. I prefer green tea for its metabolism boosting properties.



The though of airport food can be daunting on someone working towards a fitness goal. Your mind gravitates towards the honey roasted peanuts the flight attendant will hand you, or the fast food options lining your terminal.

Finding your way in this category can be rough, so i’m here to help. Below are some of my favorite travel snacks. They’ll keep you full, but also keep your waistline in check

  • Almonds– lightly salted. Try and go with a brand with no added sugars
  • Larabars– these are a little high on sugar content, but they are made with natural ingredients  and are great for satisfying a sweet tooth in flight.
  • Questbars– If you’re looking for a little added protein in flight, you can’t go wrong with a Quest bar.
  • Fruit and almond butter– grab an apple or banana and a squeeze pack of almond butter. This is a great filling and energy boosting snack.
  • Smoothies– most airports have smoothie joints inside. Find a smoothie packed with greens to kick that travel bloat away.

What about entrees?

If i’m looking for a meal before boarding my flight, I try and gear towards something with protein. Airport kiosks tend to have pretty decent salads. Avoid the toppings like blue cheese and candied pecans. Also, dressings can be high in calories and high in fat. I like to find a salad that comes with a balsamic vinaigrette and only use 1/4 of the container.

Starbucks also has a few decent options. I would either go with the egg white, feta and turkey sausage wrap, oatmeal, or the turkey sausage english muffin. Their bistro boxes are also a great option as a meal.

Many airports have chains such as Chipotle. These are easy options to turn into a healthy meal. The key is to watch your toppings. You may be adding some added fats where it’s not needed. Do go for the guac though, but politely ask for it on the side. This makes it easier to add your own serving.


Beauty Tips for Travel

Traveling can make us tired, sick and rundown. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There’s a few ways to feel refreshed and look the part of a sleek jet-setter.

Adequate Sleep: This is probably the most important. Sleep is good for our bodies. It helps us recover, it helps us with our weight loss goals, and of course it helps our skin. Try and get 8 hours of sleep the night before your flight. Before flying, I always try and hit the sack a few hours earlier.

Wash your face: Wash your face before leaving for the airport and apply a light moisturizer. This will give you a clean, dewy, fresh faced look. Also, wash your face and hands when you get home. This will just keep your skin clean and refreshed after a long day.

Don’t touch your face: This is crucial. Touching your face can lead to pesky breakouts. Airports have a knack for being high on the germ count. Don’t spread those icky germs onto your beautiful face!

Go light on the makeup: For me, I feel like makeup can sometimes weigh me down, especially when traveling. I like to just apply a light tinted moisturizer, some mascara and chapstick.


So, next time you see yourself stressing over your upcoming flight, follow these tips and tricks. I promise you’ll feel better inside and out all while sticking to your goals.


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